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Pokey LaFarge

Category : Studio December 13, 2013


 Central Time
 The Devil Ain’t Lazy
What the Rain Will Bring
Won’tcha Please Don’t Do It
One Town At A Time
 Kentucky Mae
Bowlegged Woman
City Summer Blues
Day After Day
 Let’s Get Lost
Close The Door
Home Away From Home


In The Wild

Category : Color, Inspiration December 3, 2013

This color palette was found in the Green River bed in Northeast Utah. Chris and I went trout fishing down the Green River back in August and weren’t aware of the dangerous conditions ahead. We came prepared texas-style in very little clothes, ready to kayak the day away. This photo was taken before the storm rolled in and temperatures dropped 30 degrees within 30 minutes. We survived, but it could’ve been much worse! Lesson learned. While the sun was still shining, I was able to snap photo of these beautiful earth tones!



Category : Studio November 22, 2013


Don’t You Forget It
Busman’s Holiday
Sacred Sands
No Voodoo
 Ela Navega
 Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)
 Seven Point Five
 Long Journey



By Hand – Antiquing

Category : Lifestyle November 20, 2013

Secret of the week: Goodwill Outlet off of Burleson. This place was like heaven on earth – rows and row of bins overflowing with all sorts of clothing and linens at a everyday low price of $4 per pound! It can be a bit cut throat, because local vintage shop owners scour this place in the morning before our day jobs allow us to get there. But believe me, there is enough to go around. If a bin starts to feel a bit empty, they just roll out a new one. This is my ideal shopping experience – digging for cheap finds that can be dressed up and down. The key is to throw everything in your basket that looks even remotely appealing to you. Then, find a quiet place to sort out the keepers.

All this to say I found a great white dress! The trouble was that it was stark white, and I enjoy more of a winter white that can be layered and worn more often. So – I decided to try my hand at antiquing since I had very little to lose (a 50-cent white dress). I was so happy with the results that I thought I’d share!.


Make a soaking bath for the garment. I used hot water, 1/2 cup of salt, and 1 TBSP liquid laundry detergent. While everything is dissolving, prepare your dye bath. For my dress, I used the RIT tan dye powder (about 1 TBSP because I only wanted a slightly off-white). You can also use coffee or black tea, but since this was my first rodeo I played it safe with store-bought dye. Once your dye is dissolved in hot water (or tea/coffee has brewed), combine the dye bath and the soaking bath and stir well.

When the bath is prepared, soak your garment in hot running water. Once the garment is wet, throw it into the bath and stir constantly until the desired color is met. Remember, it will look a lot darker wet than it will when it’s dry, so don’t be tempted to pull out too soon. If you do pull it out too soon, you can always repeat the process to deepen the color.

Once the desired color is met, rinse the garment until water runs clear. Ring out the garment and throw it in the dryer! When you’re garment is all dry, hang it up and admire the work of your hands!


In The Wild

Category : Color, Lifestyle November 19, 2013

A new color palette created from a cactus found in Palo Dura Canyon – the gem of the Texas panhandle. Deep burgundy and sage – I’m calling it “Texas Christmas”!


In The Wild

Category : Color, Lifestyle November 5, 2013

A new color palette created from a shot I took in the Grand Canyon National Park this summer – the buffalo in deep navy and pretty corals from the setting sun!


Folklore’s Anniversary Party

Category : Lifestyle, Studio November 4, 2013

Excited to announce the first annual Folklore party and pop-up shop! This is a fun side project that a friend and I started in December of last year in effort to shed some light onto the countless creative businesses in Austin. It has been a lot of fun hearing and sharing their stories, as well as writing and curating with one of my closest friends. We have met a ton of lovely people along the way and have unexpectedly made great friends. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!

Come out December 12th and meet the vibrant business owners that we have featured this year, and shop through some of their products – just in time for Christmas!

Side note: This e-vite was my first attempt at a faux gold-foil effect. What do you think?


Singing Praises – Myriam Dion

Category : Uncategorized October 28, 2013

Work like this leaves me speechless. If I had any words to say about this, they wouldn’t be enough so I’m gonna leave out the commentary and let this intricate handiwork of Myriam Dion sink in.





Wedding Details

Category : Studio October 16, 2013

I got the pleasure of creating these fun table numbers for a bridal show in Omaha this weekend. These deco table numbers are just part of an entire table setting suite we designed for display at the Meldeen booth. Black ink printed on gold paper – so much prettier in person, but I thought I would share anyways!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.04.34 PM

Grateful Dead

Category : Studio October 11, 2013
RecordConsole GratefulDead
 Loser – Live: Landover, MD
 Box of Rain – Live: Hartford, CT
 Truckin’ – Live: Ontario, Canada
 Built to Last – Live: Albany, NY
 Iko Iko – Live: Uniondale, NY
 Feel Like a Stranger – Live: Atlanta, GA