Katie B. Allcorn


Sketchbook 03.26.14

Category : Illustration, Studio, Typography March 26, 2014

So the little sketchbook exercise I started yesterday got me sifting through old sketches, and this gem made me smile. This is one of my favorite free-time typographic studies I’ve ever done. My grand plan was to go through the entire graphic design timeline and document the A’s – hoping to track the evolution of type structure. I got nine A’s in and realized how ambitious I had been. I think I will pick this study back up at some point, but it is truly endless. I know myself too well – once I finish the A’s, I’ll put the B’s on my mental to-do list and the grandeur of it will haunt me, and I will be perpetually busier than I really am.

And since I didn’t draw this today, I threw in a seeded eucalyptus sketch just for good measure…

Sketchbook_032614_Astudy Sketchbook_032614_SeededEucalyptus