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Category : Lifestyle, Studio October 4, 2013

I’ve mentioned several times that one of the reason I love design is that it fosters a lifetime of learning. I’m not referring necessarily to learning more about the design industry or tips and tricks, although that inevitably happens along the way. I’m referring to the learning that happens with each individual project.

This week has been a great example of that – I was commissioned to design a Hamsa-inspired illustration for a couple’s wedding invitation. This sent me on a search to learn: A) what a Hamsa looks like and B) it’s significance. I was starting from scratch.

A Hamsa is an amulet that wards off the “evil eye” or looks of envy and dislike, and signifies blessings, strength and power. Surprisingly, Hamsas are not associated with any particular religion, but are used most in Islamic cultures. I also learned the difference between an amulet and a talisman along the way. Amulets protect against harm and talismans attract some benefit, such as luck or fortune. This is probably not news to most people, but I was excited to learn about it. Here’s one of the sketches I came up with for her…



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