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Singing Praises – Mica Angela Hendricks

Category : Inspiration October 2, 2013

These illustrations are fantastic. I stumbled across them this morning and a smile slowly crept across my face. It grew harder to contain my smile once I learned about the collaborative process, which spawned from a happy accident.  Artist Mica Angela Hendricks draws stunning faces, passes her sketchbook to her 4-year-old daughter who confidently sketches a body, and then Mica adds color and finishing touches. Viola!

Artist-collaborates-with-her-4-year-old-02-685x823 Artist-collaborates-with-her-4-year-old-04-685x685 Artist-collaborates-with-her-4-year-old-06-685x913

Cheers to happy accidents! Read more about this project or buy some of the mother-daughter prints.


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